Lightning strike


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What kind of inspection is needed after a lightning strike? What about moving it to the shop, would the plane need a ferry permit if looked at by a mechanic first?


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What kind of airplane?

Typically the maintenance manual for any airplane will have a lightning strike inspection already outlined, no need to reinvent the wheel.


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A ferry permit is very easy to get. The part that people often fail to notice or understand is that there are requirements that come along with that ferry permit. Having a mechanic look at the airplane and determining that it is safe for the intended operation is one of those requirements. If you were already going to have a mechanic look at it, then you've done 98% of the hard stuff already, so just go ahead and get the ferry permit. Then you have covered all of your bases in case something happens. You don't have to go to the FSDO. They will fax it to you.