Light Twin Safety - Aviation Safety Seminar


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This Paltalk seminar will start at 8pm ET - or in about 15 minutes.

It features a powerpoint presentation (with pictures! oooh aaaah!)

If you don't have paltalk, it is a free download at

After you get registered and signed in, click on the Groups button, scroll down, double click on Sports and Hobbies, and look for the Aviation Safety Seminar room.

You can also add me to your "Pal" list - Tenncom_70

C u then


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Doh...sorry I couldn't make it. The weather was so nice after I got out of work this afternoon, I decided to do some mtn. biking. I'll try to be there next week....


Well-Known Member old college friend called me up last minute, was in the area so we grabbed some grub and I got home at 10 PM...sorry, next time