Light Gun Test - FW FSDO or DAL FSDO?


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Has anyone on the forum done the tower light gun test with either the Fort Worth FSDO out at Alliance or the Dallas FSDO at Addison?

If so, what can you tell me about how the test is done. I know that they send you two sets of lights, one at 1000 feet from the tower, another at 1500 feet. If you make a single mistake you flunk the test. Two attempts at the test and that's all she wrote.

Are they just sending patterns to you? Or just single colors at a time. IE 3 reds in a row, 3 whites in a row, 3 greens in a row as opposed to red green, white green, green white?



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I have done the signal light test, but not at either of the locations you mentioned.

They shoot the light at you (one color at a time) 10 times at each distance. So you will see green, red and white several times.

Go out to your favorite tower and have them shoot some signals at you before you take the test. Once you know what to look for you should be all set.


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I did mine at the FSDO at DAL - of course that was back in '96. They were very good and helpful back then - pretty straight forward and fair.


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It's an alternate test for colorblindness.

Not actually a test for a colorblindness. If you have to take the light signal test to remove a limitation on your medical, then you at least have some sort of color deficiency. The light signal test is just to check if you can function like a "normal" person.