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I ran into someone at an airshow today. I was talking to them about getting my single engine commercial license. The thing is that I have my multi-(centerline restriction), commercial, instrument, but no single engine. As far as I've been told, all I'd need to do is get a couple rides in a single-engine to become proficient, and then take a checkride. Well, the CFIIs that I ran into at the airshow today said that they had a guy write to the local FSDO in Phoenix and got waivers for all his licenses. The guy was a fairly high-time military pilot.

Anyone ever heard of this or know how to go about it?

A short answer is probably not......the only thing I can think of is maybe there is some funky clause for the center line restriction (skymasters are cool!). Its worth a shot the worst they can say is no.
Hey that sounds good! Maybe I'll ask for a waiver for my instrument rating.

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Yeah, me too.

Why spend all that money on training when we can just get a waiver!
The thing is that I have my multi-(centerline restriction), commercial, instrument, but no single engine.

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Unless you want to instruct, what do you need your ASEL Comm for?

I skipped it and the *ONLY* reason I might get it is when I need a BFR, I may just add the new rating instead.

What you will need to do is get proficient with the maneuvers that are not required in the AMEL Comm ck ride. 8s on pylons, Chandelles, Lazy Eights, and do those in a single eng, and poof done.

2 hours in a 152, and you should be ready to go. It needs not be in a complex airplane as you already have that signed off.

**SOME** DE are real pricks and will flex their muscles at every single check ride and go over everthing from your student pilot days up to the rating you are applying for.

Stay away from those guys. Be sure to use ONLY a DE that is known to you or others who you trust their judgement.

Unless you have a significant amount of ASEL time in the military, don’t count on a waiver, I have not seen anything in the FARs that allows it. Only that you can transition from a military rating to meet the training requirements.

If I were you I would go and get the centerline restriction removed before I worried about the ASEL comm.
What is a centerline restriction?

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like on the sky master.

and some fighters (military) jets have the same restriction, this is because you do not have the same issues with yaw etc when you lose one engine.