Letter of Evidence Policy Change?


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I recently took the Farnsworth test at your office on July 3rd. I sent out my request for a letter of evidence a few days later. Today I just got a letter back from the FAA saying that I have passed an alternate test, but they will no longer issue a letter of evidence. In another post, you said that the policy did not go into effect untill July 24th. My letter was dated July 7th that the FAA recieved. I should still technically be before the deadline. How should I handle this?

My Flight Surgeon

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They changed the policy effective July 24, 2008. It appears that any requests processed after July 24, 2008 (the letter dated after July 24, 2008) fell under the new policy. The time to process any request takes 4-10 weeks in OKC. It is a Catch 22:(