Let's be honest, we all thought it was true.


4 out of 5 great lakes prefer Michigan.
I always wanted to be a pilot, but I didn't start until my friend told me that his hot sister-in-law was in ground school. She & I never went out, but my wife thinks it's cool to go flying together.
So basically, just like every other job or hobby.
If women found every other job or hobby attractive, sure.

All about how you do it. It's pretty baller when a girl doesn't even know your a pilot and you just randomly take her flying after a few good dates when she already likes you. But a lot of my pilot friends seem so jaded when they fly(I'm talking even super low time guys who look at GA as nothing but a stepping stone and don't actually have fun flying), that I can see girls being bored to tears flying with them. People think of flying as serious biznazz, if you can be uber chill and silly showing them a good time while still sounding slick on the radio and smooth on the controls, chicks dig it. Trust.
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You dudes have it all wrong.
You have to read the girl, does she have a Tom Cruise wanna bang a fighter pilot fantasy?
Does she have a Bachelor pilot dude airline pilot fantasy?
Does she have a world of warcraft, ahh who am I kidding.

Figure out if she has an inkling of aviation interest and exploit it. Don't force it upon her. I don't mean the Denis Reynolds "implication" either.

Sometimes chicks are just as shallow as you, and want to brag to their sex-in-the-city friends about hooking up with a pilot.

and of course: