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Who has these? I saw one the other day and was that cool! I was told by the guy who had it that he's had it for about a year and hasn't changed the batteries on it it yet! Wow.

He also told me that they have combo flashlights that have both red and white LEDs that you can select. Anyone know about these?
There is a local store I get them from called Surplus Computers. I think they are online as well. $9 for the 3 AAA models. I have a blue, red and white one. Had for months, and no battery change yet. Looks like a minimag but has another battery in length.

My normal flashlights have all been removed from my flightbag since I got these.

Highly recommended.

at the bottom of that page.

Actually they are $5.99 now. Time for me to stop in there and pick up a few more at that price!

Oh yeah, they even come with batteries.


now if ya'll are looking for a flashlight this one cant be beat. The Maglite 6D

I only use it in my car though, might mess up the weight and balance if i take it flying.
I have one I got from the KING catalog. It takes 2 AA batteries and I haven't had to change them since I got it about a year ago. It was like $40-50, and I really like it.
All I can say is check out Wal-Mart. They have a HUGE selection of flashlights including the LED, blue, red and white lens.
Oh yeah, also the ones at Surplus Computers (and that you see on ebay for around the $5-7 price as well all the time) are not the WalMart type of lights. The case is very minimag-like. It is a hard metal tube, gaskets to seal it up. Very solid feeling.

I searched WalMart, Fry's, and a few other places that have a good selection of lights. If they had LED lights, they were either really expensive, or plasticy. You'll be able to get a few of the ones I mentioned for the price of the cheaper ones you see at other stores.
A student of mine recently gave me two flashlights. One is a bigger LED model that takes 3 D cells and is great for pre-flights. The light gives off sort of a blue-ish tint, and the other one isn't an LED, but you pull the tip and it changes to a white light and when you push it back in the light changes to red. They're both pretty sweet.


now if ya'll are looking for a flashlight this one cant be beat. The Maglite 6D

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Actually, it can be beat quite easily, without messing up the W&B. If you want a superbright and supercool flashlight, check this one out. Surefire Review . I saw them at AOPA expo and had to have one. They also make one for the US Special Forces that is the brightest handheld I ever saw. It has 2 brightness settings, and on the brightest setting, you can feel the heat from 10 feet away and temporarily blind someone so as to subdue them. WHAT fun!!
Here it is... Dominator

And here is another one I got since I can't quite afford a flightbag full of Aviator 2's. Hand Torch. This one is pretty good as well, and is as bright as a 4D MAg while the size of a 2C cell light. It will dim as the batteries drain, siince it doesn't have the circuitry of the Surefires, but it still performs well. Here is a fun little website to check out that compares flashlights. Some people even MOD there flashlights to make them brighter.

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