Leaving the building......


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Off in a few hours for the east coast and thence across the Atlantic, and off to Iraq for the next 5-6 months. Here's what I get to deal with on the first leg about 8 hours from now:

KCEF 130533Z 130606 17010KT 2SM BR OVC002
FM0800 17010KT 1SM SHRA BR OVC002
FM1100 22014KT P6SM BKN040
FM1300 25015G36KT P6SM SCT040
FM1600 25020G40KT P6SM BKN040
FM0100 27013KT P6SM BKN045

I'll try to keep the updates coming, as able, but no guarantee on checking in, and definately not at the frequency of before.

Adios to all. Don't leave the light on......
Goodluck in Iraq Mike!
Appreciate the kind words. WX sucks, and gonna have fun with some more single-pilot IFR/IMC enroute.....much more than I get in AZ.

Crossing the Atlantic will be boring. We'll see what the real deal is once I reach in-country. Would like to try to give an unbiased matter-of-fact of what I see there......sorta "first hand" accounts to help in the debates, and either confirm or deny what the populace sees/hears on TV. If it's going good, I'll praise it, if it's fouled up, I'll criticize it.

Again, all subject to ability to come online.
Stay safe and take a camera and don't forget to let us (doug and I) know what your address is so we can send ya stuff !! We'll put up a photo website for ya...and send it out to everyone's families that you list on the photos...
You're a better man than most. Be safe, good luck, have fun (?)

We've got a MikeD and we know how to use him!

Be afraid Saddam...

Edited by Kristie - a little too inappropriate to show Mr Bean with his weenie moving around WF4F... sorry...ACK! i was going to make a link for it and lost the address - if you want to put a link to it, that's ok to do - again..sorry!!

Mikey, send me a PM with your contact information when you get it and Kristie and I will send you goodies to Iraq! Just think of Iraq like Casa Grande buddy.

I know you're going to need some Bill Johnson's "Big Apple" BBQ sauce so consider that part of the care package.

Check six, watch out for the freaks and kick butt.

And stay OFF the news, Homer!
I don't care how hot you THINK the natives might be under those black robes, the answer's NO.

This is a rotten time to be in Arizona, anyway.
Be safe and keep telling yourself "the Iraqi people are glad I'm here!"
Good Luck Mike, and if you want some goodies from AU let me - maybe you can jam on the didge while in Iraq!!
HA HA nah I have been to busy. Firstly (and most importantly) I went down to the polo club to meet people and play some polo, it is run by a couple or Brits whom lived about 15 minutes from where I used to live, so I fit in great! After that I found an apartment, which is right in the city (on the river) in walking distance from everything! Now all I have to do is find a job - I will save that till next week!! All in all things are going great!!
God Bless!

Thank you for your service to your country, you are all in our thoughts and prayers every day.