Leave of absence at airlines?


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Just wondering if airlines allowed pilots to take voluntary leaves of absence if the pilot wanted to pursue, say, a law degree. Would the pilot be able to retain his seniority number if he goes back to flying after the three years of law school? Does anyone know how this would work?
I think it all depends.

If the airline needs pilots, then they aren't as likely to approve an LOA as if they are furloughing.

It may also depend on the length of the absence, and whether you will be returning. For example, if you get a law degree, will you really need a job as an airline pilot when you graduate?

I did know several Flight Attendants who were taking LOAs to work on their pilot certifications, so it isn't unheard of.
I know a check captain at ACA. He told me last time I saw him that he is considering a leave of absence.