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Hey everyone,
Been pretty intense on the boards lately. Chunk, your awesome! Keep on preachin' brother. I have found alot of what you say to be true. I can't tell you how much its helped me to make this decision to have guys like Chunk and the other regular posters on these boards as I get ready to join the FSA "fam". I owe you guys a round of drinks!

I'm getting ready to start filling out all the paperwork to begin in July. I'm getting married and moving to Vero in June. Looks like Canterbury for us. Anyways I have noticed that some guys are getting through pretty quick on these boards. I have my private and plan on going through to the CFI. How long of lease have most of you signed. Is it smart to go with a 9 month or just plan on hangin' around for a year?

Also I couldn't remember from the tour this summer who and what the Saab Sim is used for?

Thanks for your help and GO DAWGS!
Saab level D sim is used for ASA program, MCC program (ASA training without the ASA), and jet transition that's given to higher time instructors (free.)

I started with a private and it'll be 9 months when I'm done with CFI. It most certainly can be done faster! I had Christmas in there...took a big break. I went fairly slow through step 2 (it was summer). I know of one person who started two months after me and is already done!

It's a student's market at the moment.

Also, when I started, you had to wait until the second week of Comm ground before flying which meant three weeks (2 weeks private audit and one week comm = 3 weeks no flying). That's no longer the case.

As far as the lease goes...don't sweat it. If I broke my lease here at the Pines (aka the Black Hole of all things Quality), the most I'd lose in security deposit is $150! I'd have a good arguement to keep it all since NO MAINTENANCE has been done on my apt. Cheap bastards.

Thanks for the nice's becoming a rarity around here! I'm only here to give advice out freely in the same way I received advice before showing up. I was much more prepared for the move/transition because of JC, and I want to help others in turn. You should do the same!


Thanks for the reply. I completely agree with you on helping future students. Its definitely a tough decision to make even with the help of the JC boards. Student input definitely helps and to see so many FSA guys still happy with their decisions to attend FSA even though not a lot of positives are occuring is encouraging for prospective students.

There are as many positives as can be expected in this job market. Actually, the intern program is an incredibly good deal. You will have the most incredible networking opportunities!

It's small, but it just started. It'll expand with time.