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June 25, 2008

To: American Eagle and Executive Employees

In response to soaring fuel prices and an uncertain economy, last month AA announced that it was reducing its schedule and had directed Eagle to reduce its schedule as well. This week, American and Eagle filed schedule changes which will put into effect these previously-announced capacity reductions. These schedule changes will be implemented this fall.

As evidenced daily in the news media, increases in fuel prices are causing changes across the U.S. and international economies. The airline industry has been -- and will continue to be -- more heavily impacted than most businesses because jet fuel now represents such a large percentage of airline operating expenses. The schedule reductions filed this week are intended to reduce the number of loss-making flights but still preserve as many stations and routes as possible.

Listed below are some of the major points from Eagle's perspective. Eagle will:

  • >Ground 29 of our 39 EMB-135 (37-seat) fleet.
  • Reduce our schedule by 37 flights per day in LGA, 34 flights in Chicago and an additional 7 flight per day reduction in BOS compared to last year's winter schedule.
  • Reduce frequency in many other Eagle stations
  • Close our stations in Albany (ALB), Harrisburg (MDT), Providence (PVD) and San Luis Obispo (SBP) as well as Samana, Dominican Republic (previously announced). Our people at ALB and SBP were notified of these changes earlier today, as were our contract ground handlers in MDT and PVD.
  • Close our maintenance base in SBP as a result of the elimination of the SAAB fleet and the cancellation of the LAX-SBP route
The specific schedule adjustments, which call for AA to replace Eagle in some markets, Eagle to replace AA in some markets and AA and Eagle to share some markets, will be visible in Sabre on Sunday, June 29.

American is also making significant changes at the AmericanConnection carriers by reducing STL daily departures by approximately 35 compared to last year. After flying reliably and safely for American in St. Louis for seven years, American has requested that Trans States Airlines return to Eagle the ten EMB-145s (50 seaters) which it currently leases from Eagle. These aircraft will return to Eagle beginning early next year and will be put in service at Eagle.

In the weeks to come, we will be working with our union leaders, managers and front-line employees to determine the staffing that is needed to operate this reduced schedule, integrate planes returning from Trans States and find ways to minimize the disruption to our people. We will provide more information in the coming weeks as we finalize this plan.

Please accept my sincere thanks to all of you for your patience and professionalism as we adapt to the schedule and other changes. As always, please keep the safety of our customers and co-workers at the top of your consciousness.

Peter M. Bowler
President & CEO


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Close our maintenance base in SBP as a result of the elimination of the SAAB fleet and the cancellation of the LAX-SBP route

When did they get rid of the SAAB fleet?