Last hours of 2003/first of 2004


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What are you people doing tonight????
How will you see the new year in???

Me - going over to some parents friends place to get a party on!
Lot's of food, music, and people!!!
Should be F U N!

*Figures crossed some gorgeous sheilas around my age will be there*


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I'll be going down to the Las Vegas strip with about 500K other idiots. Metalica is performing outside of the Venetian for free.


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I'll be going down to the Las Vegas strip with about 500K other idiots. Metalica is performing outside of the Venetian for free.

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Sounds like 2 good reasons not to go to the strip!


(I'm trying to find out where the Lawrence Welk Orchestra is playing tonight???)


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Going out with some of my best friends. My buddy Jim (practically my brother) flew into town for the New Year, and my friend Jenna managed to make it home from deployment in the Gulf, a welcome surprise. So we're going to go create some good natured trouble! Hopefully good things will come of 2004.


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Wife and kid when visit my mother-in-law but I had to work so I am inviting a couple people over, and my dads in town so I plan on having a couple beers, cooking steak and watching the Independence Bowl (Missouri vs. Arkansas woo-hoo).


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Listening to a couple of screaming (good-natured) kids and then sucking down a few beers. Then it is back to work at 6am (5am alarm). Yippee....


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I'll put the baby to bed at 9 and try to stay awake.

Oooh, the excitement.

[/ QUOTE ]

Just put the kid to bed, it's 9:45, and I'm using this to stay awake...small world, eh?


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Well since I just got home from driving 450 miles after visiting the family in NH, I am going to go to bed. The kids are watching some Christmas DVD's ( Shrek ),so they may make it to 12am, but not me. I'm not one for staying up for the sake of staying up, I know I'm a party pooper, can I say pooper here? I asked my boss if I could use the jet for the trip but no luck, it would have turned a 10hr. drive into a 45 min flight.

"See" ya all next year.


After being a working musician for many of the past New Year celebrations, I will be home with my wife and a few good neighborhood friends. Wow . . . I don't go on in a hour . . .COOL!
Have fun, be safe and good luck in the coming year!


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Sitting at home resting after one of the worst flying days in awhile.... I am beat. Anyone that went into anywhere in the Great Lakes today knows what I am talking about..... WINDY!!!

Happy New Year


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Time, 2246. Baby's been asleep since 2100........can't stay......awake.............any..longer..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


HA HA - it has already happened here

I had a great time just chilling in the CBD of Melbourne - I went to the crown casino put $3 in the slots, 20 minutes later that was $15 took it to a table, at 4:30 walked home with $75!!


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With all the shooting going on, couldn't tell what was unfriendly and what was celebratory fire.

But looked nice from the air......


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Watched it on ABC with the family! After that, I scheduled a flight from my old airport (Killeen, Texas)-Dalls-Ft. Worth....This happens to be the commute we used to have to make on Delta Connection every time our family needed to fly somewhere (on the 8-seat turboprops baby!)...i had a nice landing at DFW (unlike me, especially if im hand-flying it), so hopefully that is the start to a good new year! Happy New Year's everyone!


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I spent the last hours drinking beer with fellow pilots at a brew pub, talking about airplanes. Life is good.


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Ate a steak, watched the Stooges, played some Age of Empires II, watched the ball drop, watched Leno & Conan, a little bit of the South Park movie, and now it's off to bed.


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Brought in new years watching a movie with friends that I haven't been able to hang out with in awhile since I moved to school in FL from NC. It was nice to catch-up with old friends and old times.