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To get your donations in to MikeD & the 10 guys/1 girl... (yep, i counted wrong - we're supporting 12...) Donation Page is where you need to go to donate....

Also - you have 2 days left to get your emails in to the troop...either PM me with them or send them to

Even if you didn't, couldn't, didn't wanna and don't wanna donate - send in an email.. so far, i only have 2 cards and 8 emails...

Please make sure you give me your full name & JC name or at least JC name so he knows who sent them...

We'll be sending out the packages this week...

Now this is KEWL because I hadn't seen it before.... but we did get this in the carepackage email...WISH I had seen this earlier, so i could have posted it earlier!

Mr. Taylor:

I'm a soldier stationed in Iraq as well. I want to let you and the members of jet know just how appreciated your support is. It's very important for the
soldiers to know that they are supported from home and they are not forgotten.

I came across your site while researching flight schools. I'm 35 years old, presently
activated from the reserves where I normally serve as a drill instructor. I've been
in Iraq since the start of the war in March as a Military Policeman. I'm stationed
in Tallil which is also an Air Force Base. There is a 'fleet' (or what ever the
airforce calls a group) of A-10's on the installation. I'd be interested to know
if Mike Daftarian is stationed here as well. I know it's a long shot, but it's worth
a shot.

In the civilian world I'm employed as a police officer for a medium sized city.
The law enforcement career path is about worn out for me as it's dangers exceed
the 'worth' of the paycheck. Walking out the door after hugging my two small children
add to the desire for a career change.

I've been interested in flying profesionally since I left active duty in 1992. I
didn't make the leap then, but am seriously contemplating it again when I return
from Iraq. I use your forums as a basis for decisions. I want to thank you for your
insight in the field as well. Your site is just what I was looking for to assist
me in my decision. Insights from the industry are extremely helpful in making an
'educated desicion' whether to attempt to join what appears to be a very competative

If Mr. Daftarian would allow it, please let me know if he is in Tallil. I would
like to meet him and maybe have a military $100 hamburger. (Only $100 dollars because
we are already here and it costs $3.00 in the civilian world.)

Thank you again,

SSG Robert Couchman

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yeah, it does doesn't it? that's what makes the "christmas spirit" for me....

What a nice letter from someone that just happened across the site. Unfortunately, I'm not in Talil, I'm in Kirkuk (northern Iraq, Talil is in the southern) which is about 140 miles away from me. The A-10s at Talil just stood down operations in preparation for returning home a couple of days ago, we're the last A-10s (and all fighter jets) in theatre.


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