Las Vegas 14-17 November (Oct 15 update) Newsletter


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The Las Vegas Weekend thread can be found HERE

If you name is here please send me a PM with your email address I will be setting up a mailing list to allow everyone to communicate for the next few weeks.

Please use this thread only as an attendance sheet.

If you are still trying to work out the details or looking for rideshare/room share post here, other LV questions can go in the BOONDOGGLE THREAD

If you name is missing from here or if you want yours deleted make a post. Or send me a PM and I will edit update the first post of this list as we progress.

As of 9 October we have the following folks indicating they will be there (barring flight skeds or other issues)

Eagle (and mrs)

I have sent email or PMs to everyone listed. Idf you are not on the list or want to be please send me a note or a pm.
Re: Las Vegas 14-17 November (Oct 9 update)

If getting out to vegas is a problem, but staying there is not (ie: you can afford a room & spending $$ and are "of age (over 21)")...

We have some buddy passes we could sell to you - granted, we're not supposed to "sell" them per se, but we have yet to use any of our buddy passes this year and probably will not...

so - as long as we recieve payment for the cost of the pass & shipping & maybe a few drinks or something AND as long as you promise to follow the rules so you don't get us in trouble (cuz we can lose pass priveleges for life if the rules aren't followed and if you cop an attitude with anyone), we'd be ok with letting a few go...

it'd be much easier if your at a delta hub, but even if your not - we can see what the loads are like and go from there...

Let me know - I need to buy the yield fare at least a week ahead of time and then they need to be shipped out to you...

granted, we won't know till possibly 2 weeks from now if doug will make it, but I figure if we're not going to use them, we lose them....

I'm thinking this may open a few doors for people but keep in mind that doug and I are quite strict about how their used and about the whole dress code/attitude thing but we'll follow thru in making sure you get the best flight for the day (if we can) cuz we hate to give passes and then not watch them make it to/from their destination...
Re: Las Vegas 14-17 November (Oct 9 update)

I put in my bid today... let's see if I get those days off. Hopefully so. I only could get two definite days off (as long as they say OK), which is the 14th and 15th. So maybe only one hard night of Vegas-style partying!

Any ideas where everyone is staying? I'd like to stay somewhere CHEAP. But not Motel 6.
Re: Las Vegas 14-17 November (Oct 9 update)

might be hard to find cheap without either taking an expensive cab ride or staying off the strip....

what's your definition of cheap? haha
Re: Las Vegas 14-17 November (Oct 9 update)

How about whatever is cheapest on the strip? I.e. not staying at a casino might be cheaper?
Re: Las Vegas 14-17 November (Oct 9 update)

I just went on and took a look at the prices of the hotels. The cheapest places I found on the Strip are the Boardwalk and the Imperial Palace. You'll pay between $95 and $110 a night for those. There's also the Best Western Suites and they go for $110 a night but that is a couple of blocks from the Strip.

One place that's really cool is the Hard Rock. That place is way off the Strip but it's one hell of a place to have some fun! But I think we can scratch it off the cheap place to stay list, seeing how they're looking for $250 a night!
Re: Las Vegas 14-17 November (Oct 9 update)

I got a room at Best Western Mccaron. Its right by the airport, which I think is right by the strip. it was $90 on I would have stayed at a casino, but I'm not quite 21 yet.
Re: Las Vegas 14-17 November (Oct 9 update)

Try The Orleans and the Rio.. Both off the strip, but generally decent prices. They also have shuttles that run between them and their partner hotels on the strip.
I think this went to everyone if not pm me...

Newsletter #1.
Newsletter #1.

With less than a month until the great Jetcareers Las Vegas Boondoggle, I just wanted to Touch base provide a little information on things that are going on that weekend and to offer up VERY FEW guidelines;.

Please keep in mind that the reason to get together in LV is a nice way to meet some of the JC folks, shake hands have a cocktail for those of age, and enjoy the town. Do not expect to spend the entire weekend discussing aviation. After all there are plenty of hot babes in Vegas, who do not care rat one about airplanes.

There is no pre-planned activities and at this point it this is a no host event.

But a few things are going on you may want to check out.

Nellis Air force Base Air Show with the Thunderbirds

A bunch of Concerts can be found here events/default.asp

The Great Craft Festival

Poodle Club of LV

A newsletter will go out next week with an updated participant list.
Re: I think this went to everyone if not pm me...

I don't know about you guys but the only reason I am really going is for that poddle show. Boudreau!
Re: I think this went to everyone if not pm me...

ok - count us in! Doug got his schedule and it's all clear....

just that he still doesn't get turkey weekend - that suxs! but anyways....

Eagle - great job on the 1st newsletter!!! will we be sending out a cell phone sheet for all the individuals attending?
Re: I think this went to everyone if not pm me...

I will be doing a contact sheet in the next week. Lodging phones real names ( vs forum names )

Las Vegas

What happens here stays here
Re: I think this went to everyone if not pm me...

Well, I guess we won't be able to see the Siegfried and Roy show.


That's a joke I now feel free to make since the guy who got mauled by the cat is now almost certain to live.

One thing I've always wanted to do is to see the Blue Man Crew show. If anyone is up for it, send me a note and I will look into prices, times, and if we can get a group discount or anything.
I just picked up my November schedule and have off Thurs/Fri/Sat that weekend. So I figure I'm going to fly out Thurs morning/afternoon and fly home Saturday afternoon. Probably will stay at the Las Vegas Hilton again since it was only like $49/night when booked online, and was an AWESOME hotel.

Anyone else going out Thurs night?
We'll be up Friday because I'm working a DFW-TPA-DFW turn thursday. Or maybe I could convince m'Lady just to meet me there and fly nonstop from DFW-LAS.

I dunno! Eek!
The Apache will be in Annual as of the 4th. If she's out by Vegas weekend I'll probably fly up - for, at the very least, a day.

Of course I could probably drive it ... but god why would I want to do that?
Eagle, you can put me on the list for attendees.

FlyChicaga, I was thinking about flying down on thursday night too since both my classes on friday are a waste of time.