KVNY ops

Special accommodations can be made for people that call ahead depending on the work being done on 16R.
Vny is allowing takeoff and landing operations from 34r/16l as long as the wingspan is less than 79 feet and not more than sixty thousand pound takeoff or landing weight,.. also of course the aircraft has to meet the performance numbers.
Used to watch a part 91 G550 takeoff and land on 3,300'. They did it all the time until that airport instituted a wingspan limitation of the parallel taxiway.
We can get the Lear into 16L if we are super light, and eligible on demand. Takeoff wouldn't be that big of a deal depending... I bet those G4s went BUR for their fuel and pax though.
My flight department's G2s regularly operate in and out of 5k feet strips at our home airport, but they have real turbines on them and smoke like a locomotive, not those quiet and clean toy engines they put on airplanes these days. :D
Was working at KVNY today, watched a G-III, G-IV, Falcon 50 and a Lear 55 depart. Looked liked a toss-up between the 55 and the 3 as to who used the most runway. Also I believe they were all headed to KBUR.
The G-III made alot of noise and smoke leaving, I like it when folks come out to watch an aircraft leave, there were a few. No one has tried to land yet, in a large cabin jet.
An engine failure in a single engine airplane from that runway would be interesting to. Or anywhere for that matter.

And your point is? Isn't the point of a turbine multi that you won't die when an engine fails at rotation at 130 knots? (Assuming you have performance numbers for the runway.)