KRYY-KAAF XC in an AA5 Tiger


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Rented the Tiger from the flight school and flew to Apalachicola, ate lunch in town then headed back.

I made use of my newly aquired instrument rating to file IFR down and back - first solo flight in "the system". It was VFR conditions all over the southeast, but it was a lot of fun to punch up through the thin overcast/broken layer and cruise down on-top of the clouds.

On the return trip I requested a cruise/block clearance from 5 to 6,000 so I could skim the clouds, that was great fun. Was about 260nm each way - took a little under 5 hours round trip with a stop at LaGrange, Ga. on the way back.










That's my kind of flying right there. Glad you had a safe trip, great weather and a good time. Great pics.:rawk:
Thanks guys - it was a blast! I really like that Tiger, flys very nice and has a great avionics package, dual ILS and the 430 has WAAS.

Here's a video of the trip, some cloud surfing starts about a third of the way into it -
Hey....that Tiger looks familiar!!! :D

I didn't know you were on JC Rick, nice photos!
Did you stop by that "shack out by LaGrange" that has "allota nice girls"?

That'd be La Grange, TX, son.

Ugh, I'm jealous!

I really want to fly in a Tiger sometime.

I got to fly one once when I was a kid. As I recall it was light and relatively fast for its size. We enjoyed it.

Used examples can be had around 40-50K. I wouldn't mind one, honestly.