KRHV O22 Q72 KRHV Ferrying a Nice A36


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This was back in November 07 but it was a nice flying day on the west coast. I ferry aircraft for a local broker who specializes in Beechcraft.
I flew an A36 from Reid-Hillview to Columbia to pick up a customer dropping off his C-210 to us for a pre buy. He lives in the far reaches of Northern California in a small town called Hayfork.

Heres the bird:

Heres the 210:

Climbing to 9.5 out of Hayfork:

Between layers in light rain:

Starting to clear up as I head south:


Starting the decent over the north bay:

Travis AFB is over that way:

trying to break 200:

Descending into the south bay:

I apologize for the poor quality, I need a new camera!

More adventures to come!