Knees sore/clicking

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Hey Doc, I've been experiencing some pain/clicking in the inner sides of both of my knees, from what I've heard its because of the meniscus? Are there any vitamins/joint substances I can take to reduce the pain and clicking of my knees?



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Dr. Forred of has volunteered to answer your aeromedical and flight physical questions.

He is a valuable resource so keep your questions and conduct in this forum professional and on topic.

Please enjoy this valuable resource and use it wisely.
Please, on-topic only. This is not intended to be a free general medical advice forum.

I'll bet the doc wouldn't mind answering your question, but when we open the door, where's the limit? We don't want to burn him out, so I'll reiterate the intial request to try to stick to aeromedical and flight physical topics.

Thanks for your understanding!
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