For Sale Kneeboards,E6Bs,Books,.


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I have some stuff I don't need anymore, some is new some used but looks like new...

APR IFR Kneeboard *used like new* 5$
Cencal Tri-fold Kneeboard *new and never used* 20$
Wings performance 9G Kneeboard *new and never used* 25$
Jeppeses Kneeboard, plate only *new and never used* 10$

Jepp E6B ww, plastic, from the '70 *used like new* 10$
APR E6B ww, alu, *used* 7$

Jeppesen 7 hole puncher *new never used* 15$ (sells around 40$)

Jeppesen avstar elect. E6B *used like new* 20$

"Say Again, Please" ASA book 10$

jeppshades hood *used like new* 15$

I have a bunch of other stuff, like jepp leaher binders, flight cases and text books, but all back in europe, i will bring them over here to sell shortly.