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Hey I'm just starting my dual cross countries with my instructor and I've been using one of the kneeboards they had laying around the FBO for now.

I was wondering what would be a good kneeboard to get for myself. I m kinda leaning towards the Cencal Flip-page or the Sporty's pilots pal. Just wondering what everybody out there suggests to use.
That depends on what your looking for....Is Quality or Price your deciding factor....for Quality I would recommed any kneeboard from Jeppesen its made from high quality nylon and the stiching is durable along with the plastic sleeve which will stand up to many hours of use...For Price i would say just any ole kneeboard will do...but do shop around on line and in any local pilot shop. Happy Shopping...Good Luck!
I have 2 kneeboards; one is the ASA version (similar to Jeppesen) which I like very much. The other is a standard kneeboard which you can find from any store which I use for my XC to hold my nav logs. The ASA and Jepp kneeboards are too small to hold the nav log without having to fold it.

While the standard kneeboard is a lot bigger, it works great for XC. I use 2 extra clips on it for normal papers which I use to write down frequencies, engine temps, oil temps, routing, weather, etc etc.
I use the aluminum Jepp board that slides into the folding desks. I didn't buy the folding portion for as I try and keep everything to a minimum. The bigger the flight bag, lap desk etc. the more crap you end up carrying around.

VFR I rarely use it. IFR I velcro it to my leg to write everything down.
I've got the aluminum ASA board, and I like it very much. My instructor made me a card with a whole bunch of checklists and it fits nicely on the board.