Kline West Airline Corporation?


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I'm seeing ads for this company out of Minneapolis. Does anyone know anything about it?
According to the Manta they're tied to a trucking company but only had a DOT airline certificate for a year.


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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing looking at their posts on the orange site. Never heard of them other than that.


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At first I thought maybe it was affiliated with the "K LINE" ocean cargo company but a search on the Internet shows that is a separate company based out of Japan. I phoned the number shown on the orange site and it sounded like a guy answering his cell phone so I didn't get the impression I was calling into any corporate switchboard.

The only other info seems to be the name of the CEO was apparently tied to previous airline operations in western Africa and the airline company is an offshoot of a trucking company. They're advertising for a Chief Pilot and a DO but yet the extensive text of their ad makes mention of the DO overseeing "Seaborne Airlines." Huh? Seaborne has a different CEO and is up and running with a certificate already so my guess is that they cut-and-pasted an ad they copped from a Seaborne ad in the past.

Any other info out there on this place?


Think CEO has a LinkedIn profile, but nothing on the airline

Maybe this is the company that delivers all the Nigerian lottery winnings my email keeps telling me I won