King Air: High Performance/High altitude


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A year ago I had a CFI/CFII/MEI who flew a King Air give some right seat time totaling approximately 25 hours as dual given. He signed all my entries ofcourse.

He also gave me a High performance/High Altitude endorsement.

At the time, I was PPL/IFR working towards my Multi-Commercial initial.

My question is, he did not log any ground instruction for the endoresements in the remarks section in the very back. He only signed the proper endorsements and for each entry what we went over (High altitude operations, etc for each individual log entry)

Would this be legit for a regional when I go to an interview.... ONE DAY?

Thank you very much!
Hey Jeff, I'm pretty sure that the endorsement itself is considered logging the instruction time so I'd think you'd be ok, but then again, I'd still hold out to listen to someone who's flying 121...