Keeping Track Of Time


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That FBO is awesome! Free popcorn and great slushy's! I kinda felt like I was somewhere else. It truly is 5'oclock somewhere!


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That's my favorite FBO anywhere.

When I was instructing for ATP out of IWA the first time I took a student up there, was their first day of business and they gave us tshirts and beer cozies. It was awesome. They always had a crew car ready for us, and one or twice they agreed to stay open an extra hour so we could run into town and get some food. Good people.


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The FBO is also my favorite so far. They offered me the crew car to run across the street to get some food before I even thought of asking. Those slushy are good. I don't like how the new Havasu Air Center tries to get every plane to follow their golf cart right off the runway. Doesn't seem fair. Should they even be on the taxiway in the first place?