Keefe's Flight in the PA-30

Keefe Overby

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Me, Rob, and David went up to KOJC and KTOP in the Twin Comanche,and I was flying with wind that was typical Kansas wind 15 with gusts to 20.I contacted Center and made a little better transmissions,I still messed up on a few calls,but more importantly i stayed with the plane and flew the airplane and stayed ahead of the aircraft.It wasnt that hazy out today so i actually got to report to Center that i had traffic in sight,it was basically a dot like ten miles out but it was white and moving and in the same direction Center had me looking,so i was confident that was the contact center was refering to.Coming in to land at KOJC was really fun we had bumps and wind kicking us around ALOT,but it wasnt a factor for me i was very confident in my abilities flying in the wind.The landing wasnt that smooth but we walked away from the plane and nothing was bent or broken:panic:We went to get my flight physical,and it was a breeze i was joking and having fun with the Doc,he said i was in exellent health,and i have 20/15 vision(no wonder i seen that dot ten miles away).Leaving KOJC we departed and headed for KTOP,we got flight following and this time i let Rob make the calls, i wasnt that good with the comm.We had some traffic that i wasnt seeing(now that i know that i have good eye sight i cant spot the traffic,typical)so as i was just blazing along over 150mph or so David shouts,"TRAFFIC @ 9 O CLOCK!!",I look over its a Baron Blasting past us about a mile away and a thousand high,no factor,I report to Center that i have traffic in sight.then about two minutes later David is again "TRAFFIC @ 12 O CLOCK RIGHT BELOW US !!! I look down to see the Cherokee go RIGHT under us at a thousand feet seperation:bandit:NO PROBLEM:bandit:BUT my voice was telling a different story,as i reported to Center that i had traffic in sight i could tell that i was almost yelling into the mic.I was really excited.We made it down a little smoother,i still could have done better with my comm.with tower and Center,but hey thats why im here!David flew us back home in the Cherokee,and we did some practice IFR approaches,and i am getting alot of good information by doing these flights with david,THANKS DAVID!!!!!!