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yea, as of right now they are up/down but they are getting ready to split soon because of traffic increase

Not sure what your sources are, but that's completely incorrect. Yes, we are busy. Yes, we are in construction of a 3rd parallel, but no one is splitting anything. Not within the next 10 years, at least.


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thats what a couple of coworkers at ATL tower told me and one of my friends from OKC that just got to CLT said that he thought they were about to split as well. just what i heard though...

i've also heard that quite a few of the lvl 12s are getting rdy to split, such as PHL, MEM, etc


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We're in process of expanding our current tracon. While I wouldn't say it's beyond the scope of the FAA to spend multi-millions to expand a tracon and then tear it down a year later.. I can say that my supervisor is the POC for building a new tower here at CLT and even he says it's 10 years out. (or more.. no one wants to pay for it)

I think the split is more wishful thinking than actual fact, at this point. How they're going to have line of sight on three parallels from the current tower vantage point is another matter altogther.


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Oh it's more than wishful thinking, it is a forgone reality. The TRACON will be a lvl 11 and the tower is going to be a lvl 10. They are going to keep the current administration office folks combined, IE office staff, etc for appx. a year and then start bidding for the individual facilities. Fact!