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Does anyone know if any of these flight schools in KC are good?

Air One
Aviation Training Unlimited
Downtown Aircraft Rental
ATD Flight Systems
BJS Enterprises.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I have a friend who got his private in johnson county somewhere, I'll ask him what he thought of his school. You should come to Manhattan, ks, $35/hr 152, $52/hr 172...cheap cheap.


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I have done my private and inst at Downtown Aircraft Rental, am working on my Comm there and plan on doing my CFIs there too. EXCELLENT school and I can personally recommend a number of their CFIs. Most of the CFIs there are ATPs and have thousands of hours. Aircraft are very nice for rental acft, all have GPS and new or newer interiors and paint, maint. is excellent. If I squawk something mx related on an aircraft, it is always taken care of immediately. I can't say enough good things about them, truly a first class operation.

I know a little about ATD, have rented their 172SP before. I know next to nothing about AirOne. Aviation Training Unlimited is more of a academy type operation, I've heard a mixed bag of reviews on that one.

BJS is strictly a ground operation - Betty Jean teaches ground school courses and also has a sim for instrument currency, etc. I've not taken one of her courses - I self study for my writtens - but I've taken my written exams at her facility.

I can give you many more specifics on these schools, and some of the others down at OJC and at some of the smaller airports north of the river - give me a pm and I'd be happy to answer any questions.