Karoke Night


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Karoke Night (Videos)

Karoke night!

My goodness, we have some talented people on the big J/C

Here is Bumblee bee entertaining the crowd, when he finished singing there was not a dry seat in the house:nana2:


Tony W
(The Big Wang) hopefully he got lucky or like the song, he be touching himself!

Some dude(not a J/C member), very entertaining!


The one, the only, Wildfreightess

Let's screw!
Damn, that microphone stand was getting a lot of bootie action!!!!
That was damn fun. I was a little bummed to be required to leave the premises.

P.S. Martha King's a rockin dancer.
Not that a JCer sung it because it was some guy none of us knew but I have had Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire stuck in my head for the past 24 hours and counting.

* * *​

On a separate note, Bumblebee should sing in a band or something. :p
Its just a darn good thing they didn't have a stripper pole on that stage.

At one of the places I wandered to afterwards, there were a couple of poles on the stage. And yes, lots of women got up there and were just fine. But one guy decided to and he got tossed.
here's the video of Bumblebee I took... was able to get the entire song in! :D


remind us Dale... what's your band called in Grass Valley (near Sacramento)?? *for the google hookup* :D :D