JYW: At least it wasn't the French ...


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JYW: At least it wasn\'t the French ...

Well, Junkyard Wars' Mega Wars "Flight of the Century" aired last night and it was pretty cool. Twenty hours to build period aircraft (FAA airworthy, too, no less) using period materials and tools. All of the aircraft flew (eventually) and the most surprising was the British - it was a hodgepodge of early designs and it actually flew really well. The French didn't put ailerons on their design (and they wonder why they suck at the war) but it was beautiful aircraft - the best of all three. The British was the only bi-plane and it just wanted to fly. The Americans did an authentic replica of a Mondale and it flew ok after several test flights. The British won, and rightfully so, as their desing was very, very good.

It was really a great show and if they ever release it on DVD I might pick up a copy.
Re: JYW: At least it wasn\'t the French ...

I was thinking one of the pilots from that show should fly the Wright Flyer replica. Those pilots flew home made aircraft several minutes. Why do we need test pilots with hours in a Wright flyer simulator to do it?