Just got hired by IFTA!


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I thought twice about announcing this on JC but I must say that IFTA is a first class establishment and I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for employment as a CFI. I will do the Cons first because the list is small:

2 year commitment (works for me, but I understand...)
Bakersfield, CA (Doesn't smell as bad as Fresno did)

Good Salary (Yes, I said salary. Doesn't matter if you fly 1 hour or 100 hours)
Paid Holidays
Paid Vacation
ZED pass on US Airways for entire family (including parents)
First class maintenance and facilities

Here is the website and I know if you search you can find more about this school. http://www.ifta.aero/


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There website only mentions CFI's, not ground instructors and I do not know what happens if you leave before the two years. The obvious one is you will not get a favorable recommendation for any future employers. I'm sure someone here knows someone who did leave before the two years were up.


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Hey Subpilot, you should start a thread on CFI'ing at IFTA.
Your Mazzei thread was great!


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one of the best moves you can make for an airline career!

Now study hard, cause it ain't easy.

"right ahead left clear"



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congrats! were they looking for any minimum dual given time or flight times in their applicants? I didn't see any on their site.


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I'm guessing you didn't want to return to Eagle? I'd be looking for a better QOL too after being outcountry for a year!:D Glad to have ya back!:nana2:


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I'm guessing you didn't want to return to Eagle? I'd be looking for a better QOL too after being outcountry for a year!:D Glad to have ya back!:nana2:
I took the Long-term leave of absence. I can be gone for up to 5 years and the whole time my seniority and longevity with Eagle keeps moving. I am at the 2 year anniversary of being hired at Eagle so I could return at my 7 year anniversary and be in the wings to move over to the left seat.

I needed a job that offered a more livable wage and allowed me to be home everyday. If the interview didn't go well, I was prepared to look for work outside of aviation for a few years but I got lucky and the people at IFTA were fortunate enough to offer me the employment opportunity.

As for the question on minimum hours, I don't know. The salary is based on your amount of dual given. All I can say is it doesn't hurt to apply. Took me about 20 minutes to fill out there online application.

For a blog... I don't know. I will think about it and ask the company if they mind.


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Subpilot, that's awesome man. IFTA is seriously #1 on my list but I prolly won't be getting my CFI/II till June, but I was thinking of sending them a letter next month to ask them about what their hiring might be like then and to introduce myself. If you hear anything about future hiring please pass it on if you don't mind.


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congrats man. I will be putting in my application in a few days. If it's not too much of a hassle, maybe you can shine some light on how the interview process is at IFTA. Thanks


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Your longevity increases while on a LOA? That is pretty awesome.
I agree and was one of the main selling points for me.

From the Letter of Agreement:
5. A pilot on LTLOA will continue to accrue all types of seniority and longevity for the duration of the leave.


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Since many of you are asking about the interview process, I can tell you how it proceeded for me.

interview began at 1pm. First thing i did was the flight evaluation. The order can vary I have heard. I received a profile to study a few weeks earlier and they asked if I looked at the profile. I nodded in the affirmative and they stated that I am expected to fly that profile today with no help or assistance from them. They gave me a quick 5 minute overview on the bonanza and then it was out to the plane. They handled everything up to being on the runway and ready to add full throttle. I then took over and flew us to a practice area and demonstrated slow flight, steep turns, hood work, and an ILS approach. They took over before DH, landed the plane and taxied back to the ramp. I admit I was rusty as I had not flown for over a year and had not flown a general aviation plane for over 2 years. They were forgiving with me being that I had just returned from Afghan and had no time to prepare. They could have easily asked me to come back in a few months after I knocked the dust off too so I am thankful to them. They grade the entire interview as a whole so I must have shown some promise in the other areas too?
Next was a 50 question multiple choice exam that was taken out of the FOI and CFI exam book. Finally, a 3 panel interview that was both HR, technical, and a preflight presentation that was Chandelles for me. Could be anything so be prepared. They give you no indication on how you are doing throughout the process and they have pretty good poker faces. After the interview process was complete, I was asked to wait in a break room for about 20 minutes while they made there decision afterwards they came and got me and told me they had some good news for me :)
I got done at 5:30pm so about 4 1/2 hours total for the entire process. No part of the interview was difficult but they do have high standards. I would say the flight portion is the most difficult but if you are a current CFI then it should be no problem. No tricks or gotchas thrown at you.

I hope this helps out anyone who is thinking of applying. Good luck.