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Just for the sake of curiosity... I've read a few posts from people questioning subjects such as HIPPA and how the FAA might learn about disqualifying meds if they do not disclose them. About 5 or 6 years ago I was working an extremely stressful and high workload job. I expressed conerns to my physican about the stress I was experiencing and the impact on my health it might cause. He prescribed Zoloft which I took for about 2 weeks until I received a letter from the FAA stating I cannot operate an aircraft while taking Zoloft. I don't remember if they suspended my medical or how that went. I wasn't actively flying at the time so I didn't even think about my medical when he gave me this medication. I do remember discontinuing use and waiting 6 months to do a follow up visit with my doc who had to write a letter confirming I had discontinued the medication and presented no side effects. At that point I was given clearance to fly again. Just an FYI to those that might think the FAA won't find out. I wonder if there is some type of database the FAA has access to?
No. They find out when you complete the 8500-8, when they receive medical records for some other reason or when a spouse or SO rats you out (like the IRS:laff:).