Just a reminder....Sept 18 is a BIG deadline


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Sept 18 (two weeks from today) is the final deadline to get your registration fee paid at $40. It goes up to $50 starting the 18th of, yes, this month.

Right now, i have 53 on the registered list but only 19 of them are actually paid and confirmed. If we have only 20 people show up for the guest speaker....that would be really (!) disappointing.

If you registered and need to double check on whether you are paid up or what not, feel free to PM me.

If you haven't yet paid your registration fee, please try to get it to me by the 18th.

I have to have all the food/beverage set up a month prior to the events which is why the 18th is so important. I definitely want to make sure we will have enough food/beverage for everyone who will be able to make it.

again, feel free to double check with me.

payments of $40 can be made via paypal to doug@jetcareers.com or you can even send us a money order by getting the Address from here

Also, i think all of the Sahara rooms are gone but give them a call anyways and see if you can't book under the NetworkJC group rate. If not, I have 1 room under my name for anyone who needs a room or wants to buddy in a room at the last minute. That spare room will only be available until Oct 15th.



Mama Bear....
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How much for the last room? Be happy to buddy up for it too...

depends on how many will be using it.. it'll be a 2 queen bed type room...which can fit 4 and if 2 bring sleeping bags/pillows, then it could fit 6....

the room is the same price as all the others $60/night.


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Kristie, the Sahara website is showing delux rooms for $50 for those same days. Will they do like the Monte did and give us a cheaper price?