Junior College Ground School?


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My mother just told me that my grandfather, when he got is PPL took his ground school at a junior college. Do some JC's still do that? Because that would be perfect being that I already have to take one class at a jc this summer. Is this recommended? I am in Socal so if anyone knows of any jc's that do that it would be great. Otherwise I will just take it at Lenair.
Actually it has Public Service for Airline Travel Careers. Which is the closest thing to ground school.
Thanks for the try though.



Preparation for private pilot written examination. Navigation, weather, aircraft and
engines, federal aviation regulations will be discussed.

Section Time and Day Room Instructor
16 week course(s) beginning the week of Feb. 03:

0131 7:55 am - 1:20 pm Sat Tech 161 Dolas C J

0130 6:30 pm - 9:05 pm TTh Tech 161 Neuman D M


This is for the spring semester (too late to enroll); they have not yet posted the schedule for the summer and fall.

http://www.occ.cccd.edu/online/schedule/spring/sections.cfm?Dept=10_10 if you want to see the spring semester aviation courses.

I'd recommend Neuman; took the instrument course with Dolas and he was *okay*.
Mt. SAC also has ground school. David Todd is a great instructor, so take it with him if you can. they also have a flying team. And you can take lessons with them. I think a 152 is $45 or 55 an hour (wet) and instruction is $25. So its a pretty good price.

Cypress College and Long Beach also have ground schools as well.

I took that, saves you lots of money and you get signed off to take the written. They also have instrument ground school, navigation, aviation weather, 2 Frasca's and I think 8 new smaller sims. They also offer ATP ground school every few semesters. All for about $11 a credit. And every teacher I've had so far has been at least a CFII, a couple working at local flight schools. Pretty good deal.