June 26 Terminal Class


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I attended the Chicago PEPC on May 22 and until now haven't heard anything as far as a FOL or even a tentative class date. I emailed Brenda in HR asking if she knew anything about my FOL or at least a tentative class date. This was her reply:

"Can you make a 6/26 class date?"

I'll jump at the chance to be inside an air conditioned building in OKC instead of digging ditches in July and August. However, this brings up the obvious problem of finding housing only one week before my class date.

Anyone out there in the 6/26 Terminal class need a roommate?

If I can't find an apartment (which I'm confident that I won't at this point), what is my next move? Get the cheapest hotel and hope an apartment opens up after a few days?



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affirm. Hop in a hotel and call apartment places daily to check on availability. We had a few do that and they were in apartments within a week.


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Check craiglists or get a short term lease somewhere and rent furniture.
Nothing beats an air-mattress and some inflatable chairs. (Saw that on one of those 3AM infomercials once) Not a bad idea...less to pack, less to move out