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Jobs ?


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I"ve visited their site before, I'm not sure much how many visitors they get compared to say, climbto350, but it sure doesn't hurt to look everywhere!

Last I knew, ASA was NOT hiring, so its interesting to see that post.


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I used to check JSfirm quite regularly, but not anymore. I suspect that they re-run older job listings that are no longer available, perhaps in an effort to make it look like they have more listings than they actually do. On more than one occasion I've contacted an employer only to find out that the position had been filled months ago, and presumably shouldn't have been listed again.

So I wouldn't make too much out of the ASA job posting.


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Well that sucks but thanks for setting it straight. I was getting excited to actually see something positive for the first time in a few months. Oh well.


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I've only received one inquiry in 4 years from JS firm. I update 2x a year to keep the record current. However, that one inquiry did land me an offer.


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yeah...i saw that listing and :drool: quick shot a resume to the recruiter there and he politely informed me that they were not hiring at this time...bummer