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I was offered a very interesting job today. Not knowing much about it I interviewed for the experience and ended up getting the job. The company flies T210's and Be-76's around the country and do FCC and FAA nav aid and cable line inspections. Basically fly from Chicago to Atlanta to work for a week and do stuff and fly back. And then off to the next spot. My old instructor did it before he became an instructor and said the experience was invaluable. They would fly all over and in all wx, went to every major airport in the country. Basically no CFI out there can get this much experience until they get the airline. I am now getting ready for my CFI and was thinking about the job, more money, great IMC and XC time. But it is not the traditional way to get to the airlines. Any opinions?
You should pass on that, definitely. What did you say their phone number was?

Of course you should take it. Sounds like better experience than endlessly repeating "more right rudder" for a thousand hours in a 152...

Besides, if you don't take it, who will walk in my resume?

What was the name of the company?

I'm with Alloft on this one. Sounds like an awsome deal, go for it. How did you get this anyway?
I was really excited when they asked me. My old instructor whom flies cargo now got me in touch with the chief pilot. The good part about is you fly dual pilot and switch off legs or days. At first I was worried that with low hours not much actual I would fly into the side of a mountian. But the person with you has been with the company for a while so I feel better. As for numbers and info I would like to help you guys out but let me decide first, they gave me a start date of October 3rd, sometime to finish up my commercial single, have my CMEL, and find a place to live. The later start date is that one of there older pilots is leaving end of september, so then everyone moves up the ladder.
This is obviously a bad deal. Let me know what the number is so that I can give them a piece of my mind!
HA! Good luck!