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Hi all,

I have been out of aviation for 15 years. I know that the regional job market is suffering, very different from this time last year.

My question is this. Is there still a lot of work out there of a new CFI, or are all the newly furloughed regional guys and gals back snatching up all the CFI work. I know that we train a lot of Aisian pilots and that is what keeps the CFI market strong, but has this been adversley affected by the fuel costs as have been the airlines?

Thanks for your help


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The short answer is: "Yes."

At the flight school where I work we've got a rather impressive resume pile from furloughed guys (and gals) looking to get back into instructing. That said, we've also recently hired a couple 0 Dual-Given CFIs who came through our program.

The CFI market isn't quite so (relatively) rosy as it was six months ago, but there are still jobs around, especially if you're willing to relocate.

I haven't heard of any significant drop-off in foreigners coming to the US to train, though some recent visa changes might impact Europeans looking to build some time instructing after getting their ratings.


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It is going to vary wildly from area to area.

With less turnover to the airlines more instructors are staying longer than they thought they would. I am doing pretty good locally, but a buddy of mine is struggling hard just an hour up the road.