Job/Career Websites?


On Call, On Demand
Do many people use these? I've currently been using to see what types of jobs are posted online, but has anyone had good experience with these? I know there's such websites as:

Just looking for some feedback as I finish up my last year in college and prepare for the real world!


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I paid for climbto350 for about 3 years. My subscription ran out last month and I didn't renew because I am not that serious about a new job right now (although you should always be looking!).

From my experience, there are a lot of the same jobs posted over and over, a lot of international stuff, and a lot of high time jobs posted. However, I have seen many low time jobs and good opportunities on there that have never shown up on the free sites I look at.


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in contrast to dc3's post, I found a ton of free sites with good leads. a google search can bring them up if you include "Free" in the search.

out of respect for Douggy doug though, the listings on JC are not a bad start - and I try not to post other website names within the forums.


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Not trying to sound snarky or anything but did you do a search here on JC? I seem to remember a thread a while back that had a bunch of job search links in it......

Lemme see if I can find it....

edit: This thread has a whole bunch, it's an older thread, but it has lots of links:

Yes, I know it has a "cfi argument" embedded in the thread.... ignore the argument and use the thread for the links :)


New Member is pretty good. It used to always be outdated but it got a redesign and seems to have more traffic now.
Pro: Free
Con: Aside from the CFI section a lot of the listings want you to be typed and current in specific equipment so it may not be as good for low time/experience pilots.