JFK Security Breach


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"Immediately there should've been an armed response. Heavy weapons, armored cars to the area that the perimeter was breached. The airport should have been locked down."
For a dude wearing a bright yellow life jacket.

Granted, he should have remained outside the fence, I think that's a little unnecessary.


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A 200 million dollar security system? Apparently its not worth as much as a tank of gas for this dummies jetski.


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"The catastrophic failure was that nobody sounded the alarm to go to condition red intruder alert," said former New York City Detective Nicholas Casale, who was deputy director of security for counterterrorism at the New York metropolitan area's transit agency.

Really? I feel like I'm reading the script for one of the old Batman serials. Or maybe one of the old Doctor Who shows. And the guys title, who came up with that mouthful? Why don't they save millions of dollars and get a guy with a dog to walk the perimeter? Yeah I know, I'm a grumpy old fart. But 100 million dollars?

"Condition red intruder alert". I can't say that without smiling. Just picture a big red button on the bat cave computer with "condition red intruder alert" on it and that is the way it probably works at this airport......Except it doesn't work at this airport.