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I was wondering if this subject has ever been presented to the forum?
It seems to me from reading 100's of posts in the past week or so that there are a lot of new people here who are looking for a little guidance about making the big leap into an unstable industry. The choice of whether to maintain a steady job that has security and stability or follow your dream and become a pilot is a hard one to make. To go to a Flight Academy or local FBO? I know that the majority of you out there have had to make the decision. Would it have made it any easier if you had a "mentor" of sorts to help with all the questions and uncertainty? I know that in my current career as a cameraman in Hollywood, it made all the difference in the world to have someone to help get my foot in the door. Every job that I got over the past 7 years came from the very first film I did and the contacts that I made there. I have always tried to do the same for new people in the business. Trying to help them muddle through all the crap and get them going on a track to decent training and jobs. Perhaps, the veterans here could adopt a similar program. Partnering up with a newcomer, possibly from the same town, to help out and encourage. We all know that there are no guarantees in the airline business, but, when you are just getting started, you want to know that if you put in the work at least there is a slight chance that you can fulfill your dreams. I think it is an idea that may well be served in this forum. Let me know what you think.

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Although Alex calls me co-founder of that site. It would be more accurate to call me technical advisor/frequent contributor...Alex really did all the hard work.


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but it's still a great program - so you both deserve a pat on the back no matter who helped who!! as far as I know, doug has no interest in starting a mentor program... he has enough just handling this website and the backyard lawn (haha)... so... pilotmentornetwork is the place to go!!


I agree PMN is the place to go - Doug and I did discuss this about 3+ years ago about a possible direction for the site (this was before we learnt about PMN - I am not sure it was even around then) - since then JC has really just continued to do what it was good at - articles about learning how to become a pilot, the ups and downs of flying for an airline, and a tool to help aspiring aviators learn about what is ahead for them so they can decide if it is the right career. That is really what JC is good at so we stuck to it. The guys at PMN seem to be doing great, I remember when there was very few complete reports - now it seems a good place to go and make some contacts! Good job boys!!


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I sent off for a mentor last week. I am looking forward to 'meeting' him. He also lives relatively close to me as well.