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Hey everyone, I know we have everyone from professional airline pilots to teenagers interested in flyingl...for most of us, we are in college or in the midst of our flight training. I was just wondering, where it is that everyone works??? This should be very interesting, lots of different professions. I'm a college student and flight train about twice a week; I work at Home Depot.
I am in the mortgage business....good time for that i guess..except the bottom will drop sooner or later. alot of work though.
fly twice a week.
I'm a full time college student, and I don't work. I play poker for expendable income.
Junior at Western Michigan University. I don't really fly much these days, no time, no money and the weather is not too nice these days. I work at the computer help desk here at the university and I also work as a lab tech in the computer labs.


John Herreshoff
Transportation Planner and I fly when i can get off of work and/or when doug and I have a free weekend to go somewhere...
Full time student, boyfriend, parent-type-thingy, dog feeder, flight-instructor kinda wannabe, computer fixer/builder/tech support/network fixer thingy....

You name it, I suppose I can do it, for the right price....
I'm a freshman at Arizona State University and fly 2-3 times per week. I work the evening shift at the library.

It's pretty awesome I guess...
3rd year at U-M and i no longer work, but i was doing transplant research at the hospital here before x-mas.
I'm a full time househusband and a part time airline pilot.

But I think I spend most of my time hosting the website and working on other internet projects.
I have been at my company for almost 17 years and currently manage an Inspection group in the Engineering Dept. Unlike most folks on the site, I am nearing the end of my first career and fly mostly for fun.
I design navigation systems for INS/GPS guided strike weapons (aka bombs and air-ground missiles). I think my title is research engineer or something.

Fly about once a week, slowly working my way thru the ratings (about 90 hrs TT, 35 PIC XC so far - currently building for pt.61 instrument)
Generally: Software analyst. Specifically: help state and federal law enforcement agencies share information with one another through their computer systems.
Succesfully passed training to be a father. My start date is sometime between now and early March. Other stuff I do is build scale R/C models, i.t. tech guy, i.t. consultant sometimes, and since my wife is on bedrest I am also a full-time errand runner.
Im a junior @ bridgewater state college, training @ DCA out of new bedford MA. and currently working part time as a electronics technician building, testing equitment used in the semiconductor industry.
Hope all goes well for your wife, your baby and you!! (Oh, and if you want a long list of things NOT to do to your wife when she's in labor-ask my husband

My work is at home-besides mommy/wife stuff I have some websites that I use for some extra money, plus sell stuff on ebay. Corbin's work is part time for his father doing some accounting and other stuff.