JetCareers Fly-In in Colorado?


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Since there seems to be a fair (though admittingly not huge) number of Colorado pilots on these forums, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a JC fly-in. I'm in Fort Collins and would be willing to fly to just about anywhere that's not too far west, as I am not mountain trained. I understand our part of the country isn't quite as populated as SoCal or the Midwest, but I figure if we get 4-6 people, its good enough for me.

Tim, junior, eodfe, or any CO flyer I don't know about have any thoughts? Tim and junior, I realize you guys both don't quite have your PPL yet. In that case, maybe we can agree to fly to BJC, or I'm willing to pick up one or two people in a 172 if need be.

What do you guys think?
I would most likely be down with something like that but my schedule is pretty tight lately (whose isnt?). I dont have my private yet, but as soon as I do im down for those fly ins for sure.

Hmmm If we get a couple people together and you guys are willing to do a little close in formation flying I can put you! Assuming clear skies and clear windows. Ive always wanted to take my camera on a flight but im usually busy flying the plane.

Any of you guys ever been to Platte Valley? Its a bout 10 miles north of DIA. You have to do some funky Class B avoidance to get there but they have got some sweet old WWI planes there and some other cool stuff.

Let me know what you guys have in mind and I will see what the girlfriend/checkbook/work/training schedule allows.

Do you need prior approval to land at Platte Valley? My charts and AFD say that its a private airfield. Sounds cool, but we'll have to keep that in mind. Avoiding the Bravo airspace probably wouldn't be as big of deal to me since I'd likely file IFR, but if you're VFR only, that looks like it could be a bit tricky.

We'll see though. When the timing is right we can do a poll to vote on what airport we'd prefer.
Forgot to add that if anyone that dosen't have their PPL yet I also would be willing to pick them up.
Platte Valley is public and its not too tricky to dodge class B airspace to get there. I did a diversion to Platte Valley on a x-c to Fort Morgan. It is a cool little airport, the runway is 40ft wide so its makes for a fun approach, especially with a cross wind!

I would love to get together for JC fly in. Just depends on when and where. I will not be available until after August 17th.... Let's figures something out and who knows, I may have some wet ink on my PPL
I'm guessing we'd probably want to try to schedule it for sometime in September. The fall usually offers some of the best flying weather of the year anyway.

Platte Valley sounds cool. Some additional airport suggestions I have would be Pueblo (PUB), or Cheyenne (CYS). Both of those airports have good restaurants on the airport premises, and I believe PUB has an air museum there as well. Then of course, there's always BJC and APA.

Anyone else have other airport suggestions?
yeah PUB sounds cool to me. I don't think that there is anything at platte valley, its just a little strip..
So far, PUB sounds like the best idea to me, since we'd all be traveling in the same general direction (South). I've always had fun going to PUB, but from what I've read on AirNav, we're gonna have to make sure we all park at the Flower FBO if we expect to eat at the restaurant. Check out the comments at this link:

Besides, Flower has all the hot girls in tank tops that guide you in to parking.
AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I live in Pueblo. I think I'm the only one that does. Anyone else??

But I'm moving to Cali in 2 weeks, I won't be able to come! That sucks!
If the final decision works in with my schedule, I'd be happy to share the expenses with a student pilot and let her or him do the flying.
I can make it out there if you time it between aug 10th and the 24th or so. Let me know what dates you guys have planned.

I guess its time to do a poll to see if we can determine a date for the fly in. If a lot of people end up selecting the last option below, I guess we'll have to try for sometime in September.


Which of these dates works best for you?
<input type="radio" name="option" value="1" />Saturday, August 23
<input type="radio" name="option" value="2" />Sunday, August 24
<input type="radio" name="option" value="3" />Saturday, August 30
<input type="radio" name="option" value="4" />Sunday, August 31
<input type="radio" name="option" value="5" />None of these dates work for me.
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