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So I clicked on the banner that was on the forum when I signed on this morning, and it took me to
the Aviator Web (Ari Ben) flight school.

What was nice and sticks out about the sight is they have a selection for **SHOCK** College Degrees.

It is about time some of the larger flight schools address this often overlooked part of professional aviation. They have an arrangement with Utah Valley State College to help their students finish or get the degree that is **REQUIRED** for a successful aviation career.

I know I sound like I am beating a dead horse here folks, but for those of you looking at more dedicated flight training I would give this school a VERY GOOD LOOK based on their concern for the more well rounded pilot alone.

This is not to say the other schools that have passed Doug’s smell test are not good but it sure was refreshing to see Ari-Ben’s attention to this.

Well Done Michael Cohen !!