JetCareers 747!


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Here is my JetCareers 747. This is what Doug really flies!

I like the picture on the vertical stab. Not to shabby but Doug won't ever harness the 7 4 being at Delta. I would have chosen the 7 7
I swear it'd be the funniest thing in the world if someone started a virtual airline. Now that would be the bset


John Herreshoff
Damn that is the funniest thing I've seen this week. Ha ha, imagine the look on Doug's face when he sees that photo. You know when your JC followers have gone too far when...
Yeah, since I work at home I get a little bored...... It only really took about 15 minutes to make........
Awww - c'mon man... cut the kid some slack. I think it rocks!!

Not like he's droppin' by the Taylor household sacrificing small furry woodland creatures.
Just adding a little humor, whats wrong with that?
I felt like mocking the Frontier airplanes...
Sorry, been busy. But to answer your questions...
No, the captain isn't single. Her boy is upgrading with us as well.
My times were 370 TTL and 25 ME. <-----------(this)
'll explain more this weekend when I get some time to relax. Indoc test is Friday morning, so my nose is in the books.
"You got any more smart remarks, we can be doing this over South Bend ... go ahead."

[/ QUOTE ]

Now that is scary.....
just kiddin
Umm, a bit scary if I do say so myself.

[/ QUOTE ]

What's so scary at my face looking down on Gotham City from 39,000 feet?

Megaphone: "Look into my eyes, people of Gotham..."

This is what Doug's personal business jet will look like after the economy turns around and he finds a way to profit from the website.... anyone ever thought of starting a political party?
Good job!!! Now, I thought the Eskimo on the Alaska tail was bad, but having Doug on the tail, sheesh! The airplane will scare away the passengers!!!!
I don't like the eskimo either but the seal and otter aren't to shabby or are they on frontier's planes?