JetBlue wakes a sleeping giant...

AMR is NOT an airline you want to toy with. Even though they've made some wacky moves in the past, they're voracious competitors and have the political connections to virtually rewrite the transportation law.

Legend, Braniff, and the Wright Amendment concerning SWA and KDAL. Heck, even when Delta ramped up DFW, they opened up a hub at Nashville and pee'd on Delta's lawn until we both backed off.

Now the real soap opera starts!
The anti-trust attorneys on both sides are gonna get rich on this one, while the airlines both suffer. Gee, I wonder who came up with this idea?
The thing is that those markets arent' dominated by AMR so it might be pretty difficult to prove that AMR truly has the ability to lock JBLU out of that particular market.
Nah, it's prefectly legal. AMR has done much worse things in the past. Read some history on AMR sometime, it's pretty interesting.
Now we're going to find out what happens when the so called dinosaurs finally get pissed off.

It's gonna be a fun battle to watch.
This is the Air Line equivalent of a catfight. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show. Jet Blue wants to run with the big dogs, now we’ll see if its got the legs.
I did a whole bunch of research on David Neeleman (JetBlue's CEO) for one of my Managment Theory classes last year. The guy is not likely to back down (which is why the Atlanta thing suprised me so much). While I don't think that AA is in any danger of losing a large percentage of market share, I do think that JetBlue should not be written off so quickly. However, time will tell.

It's a hell of a promotion ... fly two non-stops and get a free ticket anywhere American flies, not just domestic. I booked a ticket between Los Angeles and Boston for next weekend and it cost me $195 ... do that again in February and you are sitting on a coupon that could potentially be worth up to $2,000. This is one of the few promotions that I could actually see people buying a ticket and flying just to qualify. That's probably American's logic behind it ... enough people will already have one trip planned that when they see the potential, they will buy another. They had a full page ad about it in today's Boston Globe.
AMR is NOT an airline you want to toy with

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What about Delta Doug were a major airline with alot of cash to throw around too (more then AMR btw) are we not to be @#$*& with?

I hope AA wins this battle. Of course, a lot of my family members such as my mom & a few other people in the family work for AA. So I get to fly a lot & AA is just one remarkable airline. I have just about always had great service on AA except twice like out of a million times as an expression. Of course, if I had an airline that matter if it was LCC or a major I wouldn't mess with AA as I wouldn't want my airline to get its butt kicked.
What about Delta Doug were a major airline with alot of cash to throw around too (more then AMR btw) are we not to be @#$*& with?

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Not to diss my employer, but we really don't stand up to competition. Generally over the past 10 years, the answer to everything has been pull back and reinforce ATL.

Generally, we'd backfill with RJ's, but JBLU and SWA clean our clock in that regard.

Hopefully the new guy has more vision than LEO the CEO.

Hmm, maybe I'll get my job back after all..........Despite only having 4 years of recall rights left!

"AA the Voracious Competitor" Ah, yes, the legend our many varied leaders have left us with. Indeed we have a colorful history of playing hardball, and being a "White Knight" (ask any employee about that).

I hope AA competes, and competes well. I don't wish JetBlue any bad, without someone to compete against there would be no competition now would there? I loved working the "LoveBirds", the 50 seat reconfigured F-100s we flew to DAL. Coming from 50 seat EMBs I felt right at home. I was sorry to see Legend fail, as soon as they closed up shop the level of service (linens, silver tea service etc) on the LoveBirds quickly was diminished. I think we provided an outstanding product, and I hated to see it go away.

The airlines that survive will be the ones who are innovative and change to suit the times, maintaining that delicate balance of tradition blended with modern concepts.
I do think that JetBlue should not be written off so quickly. However, time will tell.

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Yeah, but here is the problem when you are small. American can operate some of their routes at very competative fares and promotions, but use the rest of the system normally. Jet Blue, however, will feel the hurt on it's entire system. I can't think of one airline that has won against AMR. Maybe Southwest, but it's more like a tie because of the Wright Amendment.
GO AA GO!! I for one am tired of the hype around Jetblue.

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I second that! I can't wait when these LCC find out they are so tough after all.