Jet blows tires on landing in Minneapolis; runway closed


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Jet blows tires on landing in Minneapolis; runway closed

Last update: August 2, 2009 - 3:09 PM

A Boeing 747 landing at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport this afternoon blew numerous tires, forcing the shutdown of one runway.

The plane was not carrying any passengers, and none of the crew was hurt, said Metropolitan Airports Commission spokesman Pat Hogan. The plane was being flown to Minneapolis-St. Paul to position it for future flights, he said.

One runway was shut down because of the 2:10 p.m. incident, but Hogan said there were no immediate flight delays.

"We could see some delays depending on how long it takes us to get the plane off the runway," he said.

It's unclear what caused the tires to blow, but the pilot had radioed to the control tower that his brakes were overheating, Hogan said. Airport fire engines were on site when the plane landed on runway 12 south of the Lindbergh Terminal.

The plane landed without crashing or going off the runway, Hogan said. The plane was moved off the runway, but is still blocking it.

The Northwest Airlines plane was being operated by Delta Airlines.

Planes have dual wheels like semitractor trailer trucks that provide stability should some tires blow, Hogan said.

Hey Dough....You got some new guys training in on the 74? "Numerous Tires...." :eek:
One time, at band camp...

We had a C-5 blow 14 out of 24 mains. Thankfully, it was my weekend :rawk:
If one goes, then more than one will.

Probably a 200, as the 400 is pretty good on the brakes, even in the sandbox.

Steel brakes on the -200 get hot, and stay hot.
Was on a 747 once that blew tires on takeoff (think it was only 2), blew another 10 getting the thing stopped before going for a swim in the lagoon.

Father met the plane on the runway (he was a mechanic) and got me back to the terminal for get on the next flight out before they could rebook everyone.