For Sale Jeppesen: Multi-Engine Textbook (Hardcover)


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Hey Guys,

I have (1) Copy of the Jeppesen: Multi- Engine Text Book (HardCover) up for sale.

As stated in the other thread, I have 2 copies of the book, but i would actually like to keep one copy.

Heres a picture of the book.

The book is in mint condition, only thing written in the entire book, is my name on the inside cover.


I'm selling the book for $35.


Standard 12 Day(Max Amount) Media Mail (amount of days depends on geographical location): Free

Priority Shipping (2-3 Days) : $9.80**

Express Shipping (Next Day): $29.40**

**Note To Buyer: The shipping cost are directly taken from, The prices are based on the scenario of me shipping to hawaii, a.k.a the largest amount I will charge for shipping is listed above. Once the purchase is made, I will recalculate the shipping cost, and will send you a paypal invoice for that price.
I am not trying to make any money on the shipping cost, your more then welcome to verify my calculations via

If you need an actual photo, just PM me, and I will borrow someones camera.

The item will be shipped next day, and will also provide a delivery confirmation code.

First person who PM's me, gets the book.

Thank You.