For Sale Jeppesen, King, Books, and more!!!


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Ok, I figured I would let everyone on the forum get dibs on this stuff before I put it on Ebay.

I decided not to pursue flying as a career, and I need money to pay for other hobbies, so here ya go.

Brand new, opened to look at, but never used Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Kit. Includes flight bag, Huge hard cover book, instrument and commercial test guides, intro to jeppesen charts, and instrument and commercial PTS. Paid $167 (have reciept if you want)...Asking $150 Shipped.

King School's Instrument Rating DVD Knoweledge Test Course. Opened, and installed on my CPU, but I never used it, so I obviously never finished the course. I called King and they said that when whoever buys it installs it, just have them call to get a new course password since it was never completed. Paid $279 (Still have reciept and origional box)...Asking $225 Shipped

The following are all used lightly...

FAA Instrument Procedures Hand book...$10 Shipped

FAA Aviation Weather...
$10 Shipped

FAA Aviation instructors handbook...
$10 Shipped

The following are all brand new and never used...

FAA Airplane Flying Handbook(New color)...$10 Shipped

ASA Instrument PTS...$5 Shipped

ASA Commercial PTS...$5 Shipped

Jep Shades...$20 Shipped

ASA Holding Pattern Computer...
$10 Shipped

Sporty's Instrument Plotter...
$5 Shipped

I will give discounts for bulk buys. Just PM me and I will give you a figure. In fact I would prefer to sell all of this in bulks.

If you need pics of the rest you can ask, but they are either brand new or not worth uploading pics to me.


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I'll take FAA Aviation Weather and Instrument procedures book...

That Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial book is golden. Worth every penny that I paid for it.