For Sale Jeppesen: Instrument /Commercial Text Book (Hardcover)


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Hey Guys,

I have (2) Copies of the Jeppesen: Instrument/Commercial Text Book. I'am selling one copy on ebay for $50, and I decided to give you guys a better deal and sell it hear for only $45 and that including shipping.

Standard Shipping Method: USPS Priority Mail - 2-5 days (usually 3 days) -$10

***Optional*** USPS Express Mail: For a Fee of $20Estimated(Arrives Next Business Day)

Since my camera is SOL, heres a picture of the book from a website

The book is in mint condition, since I never used it, because I ended up with 3 copies of the book thanks to ATP and my parents :)

If you need an actual photo, just PM me, and I will borrow someones camera.

The item will be shipped next day, and will also provide a delivery confirmation code.

First person who PM's me, gets the book.

Thank You.