Jepp Pack Subscriptions

What kind of subscription are you looking for? Particular region? All of the US? Single state?

Don't quote me on this but I **think** that Jepps are a set price - you won't find any deals on them anywhere if that's what you're looking for.

Just something for good old CA.

And has something where they send you the entire pack every 56 days for a total of $104 (for CA) which saves a bunch on the total cost for the year, plus you can be lazy and not even leave the house to get a revision (!). has the same thing, but they only send the plates that have been revised which is nice however the cost nudges the $200 mark if I remember right.

...just wondering if anyone knew of anything else. Or I could just do it the old fashioned way and go out and buy them in 'real' life!
Jeppesen Airway Manual Express

California Annual Subscription (6 Issues - evey 56 Days) #AEXJCA43 $142

It sounds like the one from ipilot is the same thing, but I cant imagine how they can sell them for that much cheaper.
Either way the Jepps Express packs are a complete set of charts for the area for 56 days. You toss all the old ones.

Here is the quote from the Jepps web page

"Airway Manual Express
Jeppesen's Airway Manual Express is designed for the pilot who wants a completely new set of Jeppesen Enroute and Terminal Charts every 56 days. With this service, there is no need to file revision. After the 56-day cycle, you simply discard the old charts and begin using a new set. These chart packets are available as a 1-time, 56-day set from Jeppesen, your favorite pilot supply shop, flight school or FBO. You may also subscribe to our annual subscription service for six issuances. This service is very popular with IFR students, CFI's and pilots who fly in small geographic areas or occasionally fly outside their primary area of operation. Airway Manual Express is conveniently segmented into easy-to-use geographic regions. You purchase only the coverage(s) you need. (A 28-day update is included when purchasing an annual subscription.)"

I tried adding a link to this part of the Jeppesen web site, but It would not work.