Jane's WWII Fighters Anyone?


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Jane\'s WWII Fighters Anyone?

It's an older game I know, but the flight model is a blast, and I would be more than happy to ring the school bell for anyone who wants to take a shot.

Give you three guesses as to my fighter of choice, and the first two don't count.
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It doesnt work with my computer anymore...guess it doesnt like XP.
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Yeah, I've tried running it on an XP machine. Nothing but trouble.
As I said, it's kinda old.
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It is fun though... We used to have whole-hall all out dogfights on the network at Riddle...good stuff!
Re: Jane\'s WWII Fighters Anyone?

I used to have 'Battle of Britan' on my 386, that game rocked. I was the JU-87 king.

Gunship 2000 was another good one (Apache helo game) flying through train tunnels was a hoot!

Haven't had a combat flight sim for a while, the new Micropose Apache game looks good though. Closest thing I've been playing to a combat sim lately has been Silent Service II (I think that the name of that newish WWII sub game)